Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Top Gun Moment

"Crash and burn huh Maverick?"
"Slider..........(takes a whif) stink."

I started the ceramic tile project for my mom on Monday. I woke up Monday with a tweaked back so just getting in the truck to go get supplies was rough. I loaded up my cart at Home Depot with 17 heavy 3X5 foot backerboards and 2-50 tubs of mastic glue only to walk out of the store to see it pouring down rain. I worked close to midnight on Monday.

Tuesday I started working about 9am and finished putting the backerboards down in order to prep for tiling. I was sweating up a storm. My mom comes in at 4pm and states that it is really hot in here. After checking the thermostat she figured something was wrong with the A/C. It was 90 degrees inside.

I started to lay tiles about 5:30pm and the A/C guy came and replaced a switch inside the unit for a total cost of $240 with the $100 fee include for just showing up. I labored past midnight and all of a sudden I actually smelled myself starting to wreek. This meant I was probably very offensive when I took my 9:30pm trip to Home Depot for one more tub of mastic.

I can't recall the last time that I actually smelled my own stench. That probably came from not showering yesterday as I worked from 9am until 3am the next morning. Boy, did that shower at 3am feel great last night.

I think I fell asleep by 4am only to hear my mom rustling things before she left for work. Then there was the 5am moaning from one of her loaner cats.

Finished laying the tile this morning(Wednesday) by 10:30am and the next step for tomorrow is to wetsaw cut the difficult tiles and put down the grout.

The rest of the day entails getting the kids out of the house and then bowling in the afternoon. Yes, I did 3 days of tile work with a 3 and 6 year old in my midst.

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