Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bad A$$ Tattoo

This post will be about:

A. The STL tattoo I will get when I'm in St. Louis
B. A new show on Bravo
C. A commercial on the kid's Noggin Network


Yesterday the TV was on in my room because my daughter was watching Noggin. I think it is automatically set up to tape The Backyardigans, Dora, Go Diego Go and The Wonder Pets. As I walked through I heard a young lady say something along the lines of "....or a bad a$$ tattoo on your chest....." It was for some commercial for an older kids program that would be on some future evening. It was 5:25 in the afternoon and filthy language like that is on AND it is on a kids network. I doubt I'd hear something like that on a local channel at that time of day. It really goes to show that you can't let the TV babysit your kid without you knowing EXACTLY what is on. I hope that ad wasn't aired during the designated up til 5pm younger kid time. At 5pm everyday they have about 2 minutes of dead air signaling that little kid TV is over, but why does a slightly bigger kid TV need to have "Bad A$$" advertising?????

Maybe that is why I like for my kids to watch Animal Planet.

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