Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat?

Top 5 Things I Like About Halloween
5. Handing out candy(for about the 1st hour)
4. Variety of candy given out
3. Smaller kids and creative costumes
2. Seeing my kids trick or treat
1. Adult Halloween parties

Top 5 Things I Dislike About Halloween
5. Cost of giving out GOOD candy
4. Kids that don't dress up expecting candy
3. Knocks on the door even when the light is out
2. Keeping my kids from eating it ALL in one night
1. Teens who go around for candy

I sometimes turn into a party pooper on nights like Halloween. I do enjoy it SOME, but the enjoyment wears down quickly as I see teens who have no business trick or treating. At least put out the cigarette tough guy, OH, you're James Dean. Does a child less than 1 year old in a stroller really need a bag for candy? I think neighborhoods need to coordinate the pre-dark trick or treating where GOOD candy is given out and then give out the cheap stuff after dark when all the kids outside the neighborhood come looking for freebies.

The number one thing I liked about HALLOWEEN while attending a Catholic High School was November 1st, ALL SAINTS DAY where we had the day off.

November is here. Look for changes!

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