Sunday, November 05, 2006

Habit or Addiction?

In 1996 my mother quit smoking "cold turkey" after suffering a heart attack that doctors contributed to her smoking for 40+ years.

During the summer of 2004 my father quit drinking alcohol "cold turkey" after doctors told him his liver couldn't handle any more alcohol and if he didn't quit he might be dead within 12 months.

If you asked my parents to quit these "bad habits" before their near death experiences they probably couldn't have stopped. Although my dad drank everyday for over 40 years he felt he could stop any time he wanted. Thankfully he wanted and could. Does this mean he had a drinking habit or a drinking addiction? My mother still craves a cigarette now and then, but doesn't give in thankfully.

Could one person have a bad habit while another person has an addiction? Am I addicted to eating bad food, or is it a habit? Right now I am trying to break some bad eating habits. This will probably mean avoiding situations that put me into temptation's way. As I think about instituting discipline it is tough to do, but when successful the feeling is awesome.

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