Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Church and Dating

The last 3 weeks my wife and I have visited 2 churches away from our home church. It has been on our hearts that we need to possibly make a change for at least 6 months. I compare church family hunting to dating. You know pretty soon whether or not you want a 2nd date. This weekend though we are going to celebrate Christmas with our closest church friends from our home church and we will attend this church Sunday. This should give us a solid feeling of whether we should continue looking elsewhere or should we try to reconnect spiritually at this church. Like a dating relationship, in this case we still like most things about our current church, but feel we haven't grown spiritually in a while.

So, did we fall out of love with Christ at this church? We do know that wherever we are attending we will need to start serving others.

I am looking forward to good times with special friends this weekend.

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