Friday, December 01, 2006

One Month

December 2nd will make one full month that I've been doing weight watchers. Tonight was my 4th weigh in and this week I lost another 3.2 pounds pushing my total to 16.2 pounds. I feel better, but still know that I have not reached my goal. As Paul talks in the New Testament I do not want to take my eyes off of the prize. In the past I would lose a little weight and then get comfortable, gain it back, plus one. One whole month of changing habits has made things a little bit easier.

I have lost 16 pounds still having bagels, donuts, McD's and Chick Fil A for breakfast. I do usually have a low point Weight Watchers Smart Ones meal. I'll save enough points to have a decent sized dinner and now I usually snack on "light" or fat-free snacks. I have been pretty faithful to go to the gym up to 5 times a week also. Whatever I am doing is working and I plan to press on during the month of December.

It would be great to lose another 14 pounds this month and finally push down below the 200 pound mark, a number I haven't seen since I got married 11 years ago.

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