Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blessed Be the Name

Sunday morning we went early to our church home and participated in adult bible study with our old friends. Afterwards we decided to visit one of 2 area churches for worship. We had about an hour so we drove by one of the churches to just check it out. I had my mind set on going to the church that started at 11am. We had about 45 minutes when my wife said to drive by this church called Stepping Stones that meets in a local kids Jump Zone. I had found it online and it is a new start up church. We drove by just to check it out and noticed a decent number of cars on the lot. We cased the joint and decided that since the service started at 10:30 and the current time was 10:20 that maybe the Spirit led us there to worship so we got out and approached the business. A portly man in overalls named James was the first one to greet us. He was great with the kids and led us to the information table. It was weird being in a game room designed for kids. They had a big table set up with lots of cookies.

During the worship time the praise band played Blessed Be the Name.....of the Lord..... My wife and I looked at each other. We have visited 3 churches so far and they have played this song at all 3 churches. This song has stuck in my head and the last few nights I've fallen to sleep singing the song in my head.

We enjoyed the worship service, got to meet the pastor personally and I saw someone that I taught with 3 years ago. They seem to have a great kids program going and we enjoyed the service. I think my family will give it a try after the new year arrives.

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