Sunday, December 03, 2006

Left Behind

I did read a few of the books from the Left Behind series, but it all got weird on me and I abandoned ship after the 4th book. The title of the blog isn't about the book series or the song by Larry Nelson-"there's no time to change your mind, the Son has come and you've been left behind", but about my daughter. We've attended our current church for a little more than 4 years, right when she turned one is when we joined. We were blessed to have connected with many other young couples who also had one younger child. For 4 years my daughter got to know a few of the kids really well and she ended up having 2 favorites, one boy and one girl.

The big disappointment came this summer when our daughter promoted to the kindergarden Sunday school class and most of her friends stayed back, either due to age, or because their parents were going to hold them back from kindergarden for one extra year. Now on Sundays she isn't even in a bible class with these friends and she goes to worship service with us. She is probably handling this better than her parents.

Last night we did fellowship with many old friends from church. The church offered child care while the bible fellowship classes met for Christmas parties. A big part of the day we hyped up that she would get to play with certain friends and when we signed her in we realized again that she wouldn't be in class with those old friends. She didn't complain one bit and she had fun.

So, in a way I feel like she has been "left behind" when it comes to friendships at church. My 2 kid's abilities to adjust and accept change should make it easier on us should we indeed decide to find a new church home. Maybe I'd miss my old friends more than she does hers.

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