Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Regular or Electric

It is the time of the year that ESPN is bombarded with electric shaver ads and every year I ponder and contemplate buying an electric shaver. Last year my wife bought me one of the cheaper ones and I only used it for a while. I look at the $50-$90 prices and wince, yet my kind of razors at the grocery store cost over $7 for 10 not on sale and without a coupon. I figure I probably spend $40-$50 a year on disposable razors and really wonder if the titanium triple blade electric shaver would be worth it or not.

Does anyone have any electric shaver advice or experience? I did not have the 3 rotating heads that some offer.

Should I wait until after Christmas when everything is 50% off?

One thing for sure is I will be shaving my beard tomorrow morning because I weigh in at 6pm tomorrow night. Can I get closer to the 20 pound lost mark?

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