Friday, December 29, 2006

Date Night

I get to see my family again today around lunch time and I think we are going bowling. This evening I get to go out alone with my wife as the kids stay with grandma. I think I will get culturalized tonight because my wife mentioned going to Powell Hall where the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra will play to 2 Charlie Chaplin silent movies: The Idle Class and The Kid. Hopefully we will have time to have dinner ahead of time at one of our favorite places such as Seamus McDaniels in my old Dogtown neighborhood.

Right now my problem is that I only brought jeans and sweat pants so I'll either have to borrow a pair of nice pants from the brother, hit a thrift store, or run over to Kohls or Walmart and buy a cheap pair. I'll also need a pair of shoes.

The downside is that the cheapest tickets are $20 each. The upside is I'll not have to pay a sitter $30.

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