Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tale of 2 Meals

I weighed tonight and lost another 2.4 pounds, my lowest loss since starting 6 weeks ago. I am down a total of 18.6 pounds, the weight I probably came to Texas in 2001. Nice to know that in 6 weeks I was able to overcome 4+ years of bad habits.

Sunday after church we went to lunch with some good friends to a bar b que place called Dickeys. They have kids eat free on Sunday so I ordered the 3 meat plate, a free kids meal, 2 adults drinks(big drinks, not alcohol), and an extra kids drink. My meal total was about $14. Then Sunday afternoon after a short nap I went and worked out while watching a crazy Cowboys game. I decided that I'd pick up a semi-healthy Subway footlong sandwich for me and my wife and let my kids split the $2.49 special of the day for my kids. I thought I could pull it off for about $8. I ordered the chicken bacon ranch for us and got a regular ham sandwich for the kids. The total came out to about $11. Then add $4 for the fat free chips that I picked up and all of a sudden my wimpy Subway meal WITHOUT drinks cost more than our awesome lunch with drinks and a complimentary ice cream cone.

So the lesson learned here is that on a Sunday go to Dickeys and not Subway. Yes, I'm losing weight eating out all the time. I've had donuts, french fries, and the such. I am working out more too though.

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