Friday, December 22, 2006

Gifts fit for Pigs

Our school Christmas parties were Thursday and I got more gifts. I did get a few that my wife suggest that we drive over and place on the doorstep of Pigs because she has been known to place some of her most eccentric or teachery gifts on Ebay. She may have been proud of the following:

1. A glass Eiffel Tower that sits on a turn stand. Light filters thru it and it turns in various speeds.
2. A 3 panel Christmas plack from Kirklands
3. A nice looking 2 wick candle that we can't stand the smell of.
4. Chips and Salsa party trey with matching bowl.
5. Heavy wooden book ends.
6. Traveling coffee mug with coffee.
7. A crafty looking cloth bowl with candy.
8. A plastic collapsable organizer.
9. Snowman candy dish(had a gift certificate in it.
10. Stained glass snowman wall light-plug in style.
11. Coffee mug with cookies.
12. Heavy metal picture frame.

I did feel really appreciated with ALL of the gifts, but the ones that really stood out yesterday were:
1. 3 separate gift certificates to a local hamburger joint-Scotty Ps.
2. 2 Starbucks gift cards that I can trade out with someone.
3. Potato chips and dip!

The hard part is spending my gift certicates on myself. I am talking about the $60 in Target and $20 to Best Buy. I tend to either regift thinking I am saving money or use the Target cards for stuff we need around the house.

ALSO, our $700 in giftcards from Lowes came in yesterday. We received a rebate from having our floors put in. Merry Christmas to us! Happy Holidays to you!

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