Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cheese Balls and Buttery Popcorn

I've spent the last year or so on the constant lookout for cheese balls or butter flavored bagged popcorn and I usually end up empty handed or with some other alternative snack. A few times I hit the jackpot at Big Lots on cheeseballs when they stock the cylinder cannister of Planter's cheeseballs. In St. Louis the QT's stock Okee Dokee butter flavored popcorn and it is better than movie popcorn. When I say I am always looking I basically mean that at every store I would check for these snacks. Even when we would travel from Texas to Missouri I would check at a gas station when we'd stop. If I were driving by myself I would consider stopping at EVERY station in hopes of scoring.

If you've followed my blog at all you know I started Weight Watchers early November and I have made some major changes in how I approach food and snacking. Instead of stopping by Big Lots right after a large Sunday lunch I go home instead and eat a few pickles during football. Well, today I picked up Subway sandwiches for myself, a friend, and 2 hired day laborers and since it was right next to Kroger I walked a few extra feet to get the Light Lays and a bag of regular generic BBQ chips for the others. Then it happened, within 5 feet of each other in the chip aisle I see Kroger brand baked cheese balls AND buttery flavored popcorn. Why is it when you aren't looking you find something. OR when you are looking to do well temptation jumps right out at you?

I refrained and stuck to plan. I bought the $4 bag of light Lays and the $1.50 bag of Kroger chips.

Other news: most of the hardwood flooring is installed(looks great) AND I weigh tomorrow at noon, one day early since they are closed Thanksgiving. No food or drink until NOON Wednesday!

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