Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

Last night after our company left and we cleaned up a bit my wife got the itch to go to Garden Ridge. This was about 10:10pm, my equivalent to going to a late movie by myself. On her way home she drove past the outlet mall and traffic was backed up for about a mile at that exit. This was 12:25 AM. The mall opened at midnight. As I think about these shopping habits and crazy ONE DAY ONLY sales I wonder how many men are actually a part of this madness? I am thinking less than 5%. And think about all of the people who had to work at midnight just to help feed this shopping addiction.

I know it is called "black Friday" because this one day can really bring a struggling store or company into the black, or profitable margin. I personally have NEVER gotten out and shopped on this day.

Question #1: Is it REALLY worth it getting out and battling all the maniacs? Are the sales THAT good?

Question #2: What time did you eat your lunch/dinner yesterday?

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