Thursday, November 09, 2006

One Week

Last Thurday I went to my first Weight Watcher's meeting and it has already been one week. I am on the counting points system and I really feel that I've done pretty well. I am allowed 28 points a day and a bonus 35 to spread out if I need them during the week. I've only used about 3 of my bonus points and I earned 3 by working out one day.

I'll go Thursday to meeting number 2 and will let you know how much I've lost.

Counting points has really helped me be conscious about what I am shoveling into my mouth. It also helps me make better choices when it comes to deciding what to eat. A typical day for me might involve the following:

Breakfast: Egg McMuffin and hashbrown 10 points
Lunch: SmartOne entree from Weight Watchers 5 points
Chick Fil A for dinner: 4 tenders and 1/2 order of fries 10 points
Weight watchers ice cream for a snack: 2 points
1 serving of a rice snack: 1 point

28 points for the day

Pickles and vegetables are free so when I feel the urge to nibble I will have a dill pickle spear. My weakness has been filling some of the points with 2 milk servings, fruits, and getting enough water.

I do have room for improvement.

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