Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In A Pickle

Since I am partaking in the Weight Watchers program I've come to like a few foods that are FREE(no limits) on the plan. Last week I happed to purchase a sliced pickle made by Claussen and they served me well as a late night snack, and then I ran out. I went to 2 place Saturday looking for them and couldn't find them. I ended up buying Vlasic pickles and didn't like them. I then purchased Mt. Olive pickles and didn't care for them either.

Tonight I had a little time after dropping my daughter off at church so I drove to a different grocery store, no luck. I faught traffic and went to a 2nd store. Again I struck out. Determined to find them I went to a 3rd store. While peeking down the aisles looking for the "pickles" sign I ran into someone from school who is also doing the WW program. I told her I was looking for pickles and immediately she said, "You're looking for the Claussens aren't you?" My eyes must have lit up. YES! We discussed how they were different and she said that they are always refridgerated. After a brisk scavenger hunt we found them in the back corner of the store. I really felt like I hit the jackpot. I ended up buying 2 jars, one of 1/2 pickles and another of slices.

After eating a point's worth of Light chips I partook of the spoils of a good Claussen pickle.

I weigh tomorrow. I lost 6.6 pounds the first week. Not too sure about this week. I really only blew it one day and that was last Friday. Will let you know.

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