Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Garage

I spent about 3 hours Saturday morning cleaning the garage in hopes of parking my truck indoors at night. I put a dismantled crib into the attic along with breaking down 2 storage shelves that basically were a holding spot for trash. I also brought down a few Christmas decorations since we usually decorate the week of Thanksgiving. After noon the big moment arrived. I pulled the truck in lign with the newly cleaned garage bay. Next I pulled my side view mirror in and eased the truck into the garage. With a little help from my wife I nudged the front bumper against the front wall. IT FIT! It fit by about 2 inches and I had to squeeze out the driver door to get out. I was both excited that it fit, but defeated in that I probably wouldn't be jamming the truck into the garage every night.

My most realistic option is to let my wife park the Neon inside while I continue to park outside. At least I know it will fit should we be expecting severe weather. I will probably let my brother install a remote starter on it so I can let it run for a few minutes on those mornings where frost has settled . I'm the guy driving down the street with my head sticking out the window for about 2 miles while the defroster clears the windshield for SAFE driving. The remote starter will also come in handy during the summer months when we have 100 degree days. I could shut it off with the AC set on full blast and then allow it to cool down before getting into my new black Silverado.

Tonight we stuffed the garage with furniture as we have installers coming tomorrow to start the process of installing hardwoods. Wiccachicky would be pleased to know that we chose Lowes! So if you are planning to visit this week you have to wait until Thursday since the install will take 3 days.

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