Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dinner and Lunch

Last night we went to look at Christmas trees. We went to the location where I trade out auto details for a tree. The owners were there and he said we could work something out again this year. After looking we decided to eat dinner. My wife had a $50 giftcard to a local steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, so we drove by to see that people were spillling out of the place. I quickly called the "call ahead" number and was told about 35 minutes. We drove around a bit and came back in 20 minutes. I received my number and we waited for about 20 more minutes. When our number was finally called I went to motion to my wife who was taking my son outside since he was choking on one of their free peanuts. We were seated and I ordered drinks for us and was trying to figure out how to spend $50 AND stay within my alotted Weight Watcher's points when my wife informs me that the giftcard was to Saltgrass Steakhouse right across the highway. OOOPS! Our free dinner turned into a $32 dinner, and this was with sharing ONE meal. So much for being frugal.

Today we took a long drive looking for garage sales and such. We even drove by BillyV's old house and our former church. Around lunch time we began to look for another place to eat. We came across Cane's chicken. All they have are deep fried tenders so we moved on. We ended up at Burger Street Cafe, a fancier version of the small Burger Street fastfood drive thrus. The sign said $1 off combos so we went in. I was disciplined and ordered the grilled chicken as did my wife. Tough to do when this place has great fastfood level burgers. The combos with $1 off were still $6. I was disappointed to find that my grilled chicken was a pressed parts patty injected with a smokey flavoring. How can they charge $6.99 for a 2nd rate sandwich combo? I'd rather had a real breast from Wendy's or McD's than to eat a processed chicken sandwich. I did grab a comment card on the way out and will mail it Monday. Maybe I'll get coupons for free food. The biggest mistake I made was to put purple onions on my sandwich. Boy is my breath ripe!

Eating a Weight Watcher's meal for dinner. I weighed in last Wednesday and was down another 3+ for a total of 13 down. I'll have to hit the gym every day to make up for Thursday and a bad Friday evening.

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