Sunday, November 05, 2006

Laundry or Dishes?

Would you rather do the laundry or the dishes?

2 of the main chores around here that sometimes get neglected are washing and folding clothes along with doing the dishes. If I had to chose one that I'd do and assign my wife the other then I would pick doing the dishes. I don't mind washing clothes, but folding is another issue. Picture planes taking off from airports with nowhere to land. That kind of describes the way I do laundry. Wash, dry and PILE, PILE some more, PILE again.

That said I guess doing the dishes is no big deal. The only thing I could get better at, just as with the laundry, is unloading the dishwasher when they are clean. That way I could rinse and place dirty dishes as I use them instead of letting them stack up in the sink and get a little crusty.

Now that I've posted I would say that I just like washing the clothes and the dishes. I just don't like putting things away.

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