Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Left for St. Louis Friday the 27th to spend time and celebrate my father's 66th birthday. I took a friend who had never been to St. Louis. Our first item on the agenda was bowling. We watched the Cardinals win the World Series in the confines of my father's 2 car garage. I told my dad that I got him a World Series for his birthday.

Saturday we watched OU embarrass MU much to the delight of my OU supporting friend. I took this friend on a small tour of St. Louis. We had Ted Drewes for lunch and he just said, "It's just ice cream just like Dairy Queen. For dinner we had thin crust pizza. Fittingly I dropped a chunck of sausage on my white Rams sweatshirt and it bounced around on my light tan pants. My friend Jon supplied me with a pair of shorts. At night we played cards well past midnight, but didn't lose much sleep since it was daylight savings time.

Sunday was spend with family munching on salty fried foods. We had a mini-birthday celebration for my dad and ended up the night playing cards.

Monday I went looking for St. Louis Cardinals World Series stuff. I ended up getting a special made embroidered sweatshirt that both my wife and I can share. I did splurge on a Cardinal cap at the airport gift shop. We made it home about 5:30pm Monday.

All told I think my friend had a fun trip. I got to enjoy family and food from my hometown. I did sleep on couches 3 nights in a row so sleeping in my bed last night was priceless.

Today I got to stay home with my sick daughter.

Trick or Treat!

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