Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Ones That Got Away

I'm not talking about Becky, Brenda, or Michelle, I'm talking about cars. In my month long search for cars I've found 3 worth calling on. When I've called they were "just sold." The first one really crushed my spirits. I'll list them in order.

1991 Jeep Commanche pickup, 5 spd, 110,000 miles. This was listed by an individual on for $1695. We could have definitely paid cash for that. We could have kept our Jeep tradition alive and even had a 6 cylinder vehicle we could use for hauling stuff.

1998 Saturn SL2, auto, 97,000 miles, very clean. This was listed by a wholesale dealer on for $2950.

2002 Saturn SL1, 5spd, 89,000 miles, very clean. A dealer about 50 miles away had this one listed on for $3900. Overall this one seems like it was the best overall deal. I did go to the dealers website and most of their cars are Toyotas and Lexuses over $10,000. They had a 2002 Honda Civic with MORE miles for $8900. It blows my mind that the Hondas and Toyotas have incredible resale value.

We did find a new pizza place today within about 10 miles of our house that makes St. Louis style, thin crust pizza, with provel cheese. It was a little pricey, but GOOD!

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