Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Tried to Buy a Truck Tonight

I saw a Sunday dealer ad for a 2007 Chevy Silverado extended cab pickup, 6 cyl, automatic with AC for $169 a month on a 3 year lease with about $2500 total out of pocket including taxes, title, and license. I took the ad to a local dealer to see what they could do. We were met by a newbie salesman who knew less than I did and a few times mentioned that maybe we could take the truck home tonight. My family was there and my wife checked to see how the kids would do with the extended cab seating and it seems like the truck is a good fit.I took my family home so I could work on the numbers. I qualify for the Employee Discount plan because my dad is a GM retiree so I figured a little more discounting would be in order. I also would have $1000 additional incentives thru a certificate that my dad received from GM. After being there for about an hour my $169 aspirations with little or no down turned into a $200+ payment with about $1000 out of pocket. The payment went up about $50 AND I still had to put some money down. I walked!Guess I should call back the dealer who actually had the ad in the paper, although I prefer buying locally.

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