Sunday, October 22, 2006

No Caffeine

2 weeks ago I sat at a local bar and grill and had about 5 diet Pepsi's along with 2 baskets of chips and hot sauce while watching the Cowboys/Eagles game followed by the Cardinals/Mets games. It was at this time that I decided that I would forego soda altogether and give up caffeine along the way. I made it one week with no soda and no caffeine. I only had one or 2 days of mild headaches. I was feeling better overall too until I got on the scale. I hadn't lost any weight. It kind of disappointed me to the point that I started drinking sodas again, but with sugar and caffeine. Doing this I did drink less water.

Today I was all ready to give in to caffeine while we sat down at a local BBQ place until I noticed that they had caffeine free diet Coke. I didn't have to compromise my mission. Although the caffeine isn't the problem for me, it's the snacking. This I hope to address when I come back from my St. Louis trip. If you've read my blogs for long you know I add about 5 pounds each time I go back home. This time won't be any different. I will not deny myself.

When I get back on the 30th though I may need to call Jenny or go by Weight Watchers. A friend of mine has lost about 40 pounds drinking nothing but water. He was drinking a case of water a day=3 gallons. We'll see!

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