Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Latest

The Good
I've gotten to sleep past 7 most days this week.
I booked airline tickets for St. Louis the end of the month.
Still no car payments!
My family is healthy.
Card night is FRIDAY night!

The Bad
We've been getting 90 degree days.
My "clients" are really grating at me.
I need to break my daughter of her tantrums.
I need rides everywhere.
After hour "required" meetings are wearing me out.

The Ugly
I'm not enjoying work.
I have not been to the gym this week.
I've had a FAT week.

I did make chili tonight. IT IS GOOD! It will season a little more over night and I'll take it to card night. No real commitments this weekend. Might detail a car Saturday.

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