Sunday, October 08, 2006

Day of Rest

Today in our bible study class we looked at Hebrews 3 and the topic of God resting on the 7th day was discussed.

What if anything do you do to keep Sunday a special day of rest?

My family has made a conscious decision to not turn the TV on before we go to church. We also only listen to a local Christian station that plays gospel music as we drive to church. As for the rest of the day I do think overall we treat it a little differently than we do Saturday. We try our best to have both kids take naps. This time of year I often relax with the newspaper and multi-task by watching football and eating snacks. I have rarely drink any alcohol on Sundays. There have been times when I've done yardwork, but that is a good time for me to meditate and get a little workout.

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