Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Under the weather

My daughter had fever most of the weekend and we kept her out of school on Monday. Now I'm on the edge of getting something. The symptoms are: cold nose, runny nose, scratchy throat, tired eyes, wanting to EAT EVERYTHING! After making it down to 201 on Saturday after a great workout I've BALLOONED up to 205 and have been there for 2 days. I just need to stay off the scales for a few days. Being tired and run down doesn't make me feel inclined to work out much either.

Work out complaint: I just wish all of the out of shape, overweight, under muscled, health nut wannabes would quit going to the gym effected 2/1/2007. I get to the gym early to get a treadmill and after 20 minutes people are waiting on a treadmill. I get there at 8:30pm and all the treadmills are still taken.

A friend just called while I am online with my new DSL asking me to go and play racquetball. I've upgraded!

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