Monday, January 01, 2007

@#*$ Jack@SS

I really get into the whole wide world of sports, especially the Americanized games of football and baseball and I often find myself listening to sports talk radio. In the Dallas area I choose to listen to ESPN 103.3 FM radio and the alternative is a program called The Ticket. I remember many years ago rebuking my brother in Christ BillyV for listening to The Ticket because I found it very vulgar and offensive. Last night while traveling back home just before midnight I was in my truck with my wife and daughter while listening to Fox Sports radio in St. Louis to catch up on the last day of the NFL and it's happenings. Within a span of 10 minutes I heard the following phrases:

" have to cover your ASS."
".....they probably didn't give a damn at this point....."
".....he was such a jack ass......."

Will they really lose listeners if they said "cover you behind...", "...give a darn....." or "....jerk..."?

Also while inexplicably listening to The Ticket one day before the break the guys were talking about Rachel Ray when one of them actually said something along the lines of "I would really like to get my hands on her little titties...." I switched it before that conversation ended. Obviously not catering to the female demographics. The sad thing is I know many Christians or personal brothers in Christ who listen to this station as their main entertainment while riding around in their cars, sometimes with their kids in tow.

Oh how we grieve the Spirit within us.

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