Sunday, January 28, 2007

Salt Overdose

I am one of the many people who automatically reach for the salt before tasting my food so rarely do I think something is too salty. A few weeks ago I did oversalt my french fries at Scotty P's, but managed for finish the basket. Last night I went to the Mavericks NBA game with a friend. At half time I knew I had saved enough points/calories for either a nachos or some popcorn. I chose the popcorn thinking I could get it without a drink and save $5. I made my way towards our seats in the 2nd to last row at the top(not bad seats for $9 by the way). I started to eat my popcorn and immediately I knew they were a tad bit salty. Of course I didn't finish the popcorn, oh yes I did. By the time I had gotten down to the bottom of the bucket I knew I should have stopped about 1/2 way. My lips felt like they had doubled in size and boy the $5 for the souvenir soda would have been a steal at this moment. It took my lips about 2 hours to recover. I'm sure the rest of my body is still suffering from effects of having more than 10 times the daily recommended serving of sodium.

At the gym yesterday I achieved another personal record on the treadmill: 70 minutes, 718 calories and 5.25 miles. I'm also weighing in about 202 with the scales reading 201 immediately after my extreme workout. 200, 200, 200! Actually I should be shooting for 199!

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