Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Busy Month

January will be a busy month for me as I announce basketball every Tuesday and Friday night until the 1st week of February when girls softball starts up. That said it makes it tough to try to plan to do something with the guys because I'd be asking my wife to be alone with the kids 3 nights of a week, 2 is plenty, 1 enough. This Saturday I think I am going to get a sitter in the AM because we are going to help our new church set up the new place they are moving into. Tonight we helped move stuff from the temporary building to the new site. We are pretty excited.

Saturday afternoon I am trying to throw together a card game that will coincide with the NFL playoffs. This would make the 3rd year in a row that we did something like this. Our first ever meeting BillyV ran a stop sign and got pulled over. Lucky for us it wasn't 1988 or we might have been hauled in right on the spot. The Holy Spirit intervened and somehow BillyV was let go with just a warning. That would have been an expensive card night.

Add to this I am going to try and coach or lead about 20 people on a diet program at my work. Tomorrow is our first meeting. It is time for me to step up and get to my next goal.

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