Friday, January 26, 2007

Hit and Run

Ordered a pizza for the family tonight. Something we rarely do because about the only time we get pizza is on Sundays after church at a great buffet place called The Zone. Tonight we ordered Dominos and had a coupon for a medium pizza with cinnastyx for under $10. As I stood there watching the pizza crew I couldn't help but think of my pizza delivery days in the late 80's at a popular chain in St. Louis called Cecil Whitakers. Back then I delivered pizza for a little over a year before I helped open a new store. While delivering a pizza for this new place I ended up on the doorsteps of the finance manager at the Jeep dealer where I had previously worked part-time. Within a month I was selling Jeeps.

True pizza story: Hit and Run

I worked an early Saturday shift and got off work about 5pm. As I sat there relaxing sorting out my days rake and drinking a cold beverage the place got busy. I was asked to run one order so I did. The address was #13 Planet which was in the middle of a trailer park. It was just past dark and I walked the pizza up and knocked on the door. A man answered saying he didn't order a pizza and that he just got home so I retraced my steps back into my 87 Mustang. As I doubled back to get to the main street I saw a dark figure with a ski mask on come running towards my car. I stepped on the gas and ended up hitting the guy with my front driver fender. I stopped and looked up into my rearview mirror to see this person rolling around in the road. I TOOK OFF!

Once back at the pizza place I told the manager and a few guys on duty what happened and they laughed. They thought I was kidding until another driver said he saw a few police cars and an ambulance up at the trailer park.

The guy was arrested for breaking and entering a few trailers and even a few cars. He had actually called from a house he broke into and pranked a call basically to jump and rob me. I never had to testify nor was I questioned by police. I did talk to the State Patrol by phone one time.


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