Saturday, January 20, 2007

IPODS, Internet Providers, WIFI

1st Topic-IPODS

I sold $60 worth in Starbucks giftcards and along with my Target giftcards I have $150 to spend on something like an IPOD. The wife says the $74 1GB shuffle would be fine. The 2GB is about $150 and the 4GB almost $200 so I have researched the 30GB video 5th generation IPOD and I have found it listed for $219 online.

First question: Do I really need the 30GB if I've never had an MP3 player before?

2nd question: Would Target match an online price since I've got $90 in giftcards?

2nd Topic-Internet Service

We've had Netzero internet service for 5 years, but it is dial up and very slow. For the most part it has served it's purpose. Thursday night my wife started uploading pictures from a memory card to an internet site and it took from Thursday at 9pm until Saturday morning at 4am to fully unload the card. That is ridiculous. I'm spoiled with fast service LAN line at school.
If I do get an IPOD I'll want faster service to download songs for sure.

Question: What does DSL or Cable internet cost these days?

Last Topic-WIFI

IF I don't get a faster internet provider how do I go about rigging my computer up with a card that is compatible with WIFI? I'd like to be able to take my laptop to Panera and possibly download songs, relax and surf the net, or do some school work on the weekend away from school and home.

Question: Where do I get help and how much is this gonna cost me?

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