Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back to Work

For most people today is a day of labor. If you were fortunate you were off for the whole week last week. Some people just got off Christmas and New Years. I feel for you.

Lucky me I still have another 6 days before I have to report back to work. 18 days is a lot of time and I'm still here in STL visiting and taking care of business. Actually today I am trying to keep my 2 "cabin fever" kids busy.

That said, don't feel sorry for teachers. We get off all major holidays. We have weekends off. We get a week break at Thanksgiving and at least 2 weeks at Christmas followed by a Spring Break. Then 2 full months during the summer time. Where else could you get this much time off and still have a full time job? It is true that I'll probably never make 6 figures or live in the richest part of town, but the teaching set up allows for quality family time.

The pay really isn't that bad. The toughest part is probably all the rules, regulations, guidelines and unrealistic expectations. Teachers are expected to get ALL kids to pass no matter the backgrounds and demographics. Obviously there are different talent levels and abilitiy levels.

On a positive note, if you work for a fast food place in St. Louis you just got a raise because minimum wage went from $5.15 an hour to $6.50.

I just wanted to say have fun at work this week.

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