Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tear to My Eye

I'm not sure even BillyV could have escaped this moment.

I went to an open house today and was watching a slide show during the presentation and the last picture that was put up was one of my son. He's 2 1/2 years old, outgoing, and usually gets positive comments even from strangers. The picture was of my son holding his guitar with the director of the program he is in also having a guitar. This man plays guitar often and before Christmas my son just knew he wanted a guitar so Santa brought one by the house.

It was one of those proud moments to see your child being bragged about by someone else and this someone else really wasn't aware that I was the dad. I actually had to hold back a tear or two. I'm sure BillyV would have even had to look the other way or excuse himself from the room had it been his daughter on display. The day can only be anti-climatic when the most rewarding part occurs at 10am.

Side note: Got on the scales this morning......200.5. My wife says to get back on again to make sure......200. Maybe I can go to the gym and sit in the dry sauna for an hour and lose another pound and break that 200 barrier. Especially since I'll be chowing down during the SUPERBOWL!

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