Monday, February 19, 2007

Sending My Mom Flowers

I ordered my wife flowers from that I heard on ESPN radio. I got the vase for free and she really loved the tulip display that she got. When emailed me the after Valentine's day specials I couldn't resist sending my mom some flowers since she hasn't had a Valentine in years. I ordered a tulip vase and with delivery it would be $28. The delivery was set for Friday.

Friday came and went and my mom did not get her flowers. I tracked them thru Fed Ex and as of Saturday morning they were still "in transit." My mom left work Saturday at 1pm and did not get her flowers.

I called Proflowers and was given GREAT customer service. The lady refunded the $9.99 delivery fee AND said they would send another batch that would be fresh. My mom would expect to get them Tuesday. 2 sets of flowers, with vases, for $18.

My mom emailed today that she finally got the first batch of flowers which she said were nice. Well, tomorrow she should get another set.

If you know my mom I think she is related to the guy who they wrote Murphy's Law after. IF it can break, it will. If they will run out of a certain food as she orders, they will. Watches don't work on her and one year she went thru 6 computers before she got one that worked. She ALWAYS buys the extended warranties on anything she buys.

Well, this time she got 2 doses of love from her son.

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