Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl Fun..........not

Arranged for a $10 an hour sitter to watch the kids while went and watched the Superbowl with some old church friends. We arrived by kick off just in time to watch the opening kick off return. We enjoyed snacks and soft drinks while socializing. At half time I looked at my wife and she wasn't doing too good.

Earlier in the morning she started sneezing and became stopped up while at church. As the afternoon progressed things got worse for her. She visited a nurse practitioner neighbor who recommended Benadryl. She had broken out in hives.

We left the party at 7pm and stopped by one of those "hybrid" emergency care/doctor places and were denied since she didn't have her ID. We drove home to get it and in the meantime informed our sitter what was happening.

Fortunately for me the game was on at E-care. We got there about 7:45 and left about 10:15. I only had my sitter scheduled until 9pm so I offered to pay her more, but she graciously declined.

After visiting Walgreens and picking up the prescription I was finally back home about 11:30pm.

Superbowl costs:

Wings, 7 pounds thawed: $12
Wing sauce- $1
Honey mustard sauce-$1.50
Vegetable oil-$4
Sitter $40
E-Care co-pay $25
Epi-needle co-pay $75

Payton Manning winning the Superbowl-priceless

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