Saturday, February 24, 2007

Finally switched our TV services today after getting my newest bill from Time Warner Cable. Our basic service with local channels and one DVR was going to cost us $80 with tax. I got online and checked out and within a week will be getting more channels, 2 DVRS AND the sports package which will allow me to get St. Louis sports all for the low price of $42.99 plus taxes. Almost $40 less and with more services. After 10 months the rate will go up $10, but I am locked in at the price for 18 months. Now if I could find a cheaper electric company.

It rained really hard this morning before it cleared up and got really sunny outside. Then the wind really whipped up and by 3pm it is now looking like an overcast day. The wind has blown in a lot of dust and the sky now looks orange-pink. Looks really odd. Many branches and older trees have suffered under the 50 mph gusts. Couldn't imagine wearing contacts on a day like today.

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