Sunday, February 18, 2007

TAP Week

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week AND my students recognized and celebrated my birthday Friday. One day we were treated to a 10 minute back massage(my back is now messed up.) Another day we were provided a nice "potato bar" and accompanying foods. We were give a small box of chocolates and carnations for Valentine's day and Friday was a day where parents made casseroles or gave gift cards to the teachers(I hinted for a giftcard and was rewarded.) It was a good week.

TAP Gifts:
$5 Blockbuster card
$20 Starbucks card
$5 Starbucks card
Handmade picture frame from popsicle sticks
2 -$21.50 tickets to Bodyworlds exhibit
I Krispy Kreme donut certificate
A parent is going to make or bring lunch one day
AND other stuff I can't remember

Valentines gifts included candy that I regifted. One listening parent gave me 2 cans of Fat Free Pringles and low fat popcorn.

Birthday gift
I was given a brief party that included great cake which I dropped on the parking lot and a $40 Giftcard to a local steakhouse... mmmmm. The students also gave me a school t-shirt which they all had signed.

Friday meal
As the students came in Friday morning a student handed me a bag and said the contents would go along with my Friday meal that would be coming. I saw a big bag of Wavy Lays and sat the bag down and realized it felt pretty heavy. I then saw a jar of dip along with 3 bottles of something that isn't allowed on campus, let alone IN MY CLASSROOM(some type of lemonade in a clear bottle). I quickly took the bag out to my vehicle. At the end of the day I also received a card along with a certificate to Pizza Hut.
I am really blessed to have such good students and parents this year. I really did feel APPRECIATED this week.

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