Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stolen Bibles

Last Wednesday I looked all over for my announcing CD's. As usual I was mentally and quietly blaming my wife for cleaning house and hiding them on me like she does everything else. At least that's what I think she does. I looked for over 30 minutes and checked everywhere at least 3 times. How many times could I check the truck? I gave up and took crummy cd's to my basketball game and had a rough music night.

For the last 4 weeks my wife and I have been using our older bibles since we couldn't find our newest leather bound bibles. Then Saturday our neighbor mentioned that someone had gotten into their Jeep Cherokee and stolen a bunch of Christian music cds. Then it hit us that someone probably opened my truck door and took both bibles along with my burned music cds.

The dumbest thing is I always leave my cars unlocked thinking there is nothing of real value in them AND my truck has an alarm that wasn't set either. Why didn't they take the 2 children's seats?

My police neighbor said that teenagers usually go around lifting door handles and will take small stuff since it is easier to carry.

Top 5 Things They Could Have Stolen

1. My gym bag with clothes and a $45 MP3 player.
2. My school badge-access to the building
3. My pay vouchers with SS# on it-still a maybe, could have been in the music case.
4. Car seats
5. Junk and trash-I am so glad my new truck has rubber floors.

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