Thursday, February 08, 2007

Home Alone......with kids

The wife left tonight for a girls getaway weekend. Not the typical go away on a cruise or go gambling weekend though. She and about 5 other women are renting a place about 30 miles away for a Scrapbooking or Stamping weekend. Last year my wife took a year's worth of pictures and made a nice photo album. A little different from the ones my mom made 30-35 years ago.

That leaves me home alone with the kids. Not to worry because I've done this before many times. Many of you know that I've traveled to and from St. Louis on 10 hour trips with my kids. I AM NOT AFRAID! I do know that for the next 4 nights I will spend one hour each night trying to get them to bed on the first try. I will also probably let them eat every snack in the house. At least they usually make good choices. I will also take advantage of the kidcare system at the gym both Friday night and Saturday morning for 2 hours at a time.

I always figure in my head that I am earning invisible points in times like this. I can use these points to play cards one extra time this month or next. I can possibly go to the movies and leave the kids with the wife.

I just hope I get to sleep in Saturday morning.

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