Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Would Jesus Drink Beer?

Tonight I went to the new Racetrack gas station to air up a tire and fill up my Neon while I was at it. I gassed up the car and proceeded inside to buy my wife a Pepsi and ask if they could turn on the air machine. While walking in a guy was asking everyone for some change. He got some and moved to the front of the line to pay the 7 cent tax on his 99 cent Natural Ice beer. He mumbled something on his way out and another patron threatened to "beat that crackhead if he is still outside."

I had to pull my car over to the air machine and noticed that the guy was standing by the ice machine. I was slightly worried that I could be approached while airing up my tire. Before I could stretch the hose around he was in my personal space telling me his story. "That's my blue car over there and I ran out of gas and I need to get back to xxxxx." He said he worked at a local Honda dealer and had a $750 check, but needed cash for some gas. There I was isolated and basically at this guy's mercy. I told him that I thought I had a few ones to spare and opened my wallet. GREAT, the first thing that shows is a $10. I quickly said that was for my family for breakfast. When I gave him the $3 he said he didn't like to panhandle. I mentioned that I couldn't turn him down because what if he was Jesus just testing to see if I would help out a stranger. This might have been to appeal to any morals that he might have had. A worker came out to dump trash and he backed away a little bit. He asked for a ride to somewhere and I declined. He then asked for any other spare change and I emptied my pockets of about 50 cents.

I couldn't help but wonder if he thought I believed that it was really his car.

If it was Jesus would he really be drinking a Natural Ice? If it was Jesus would I get any credit for giving out of fear?

The $3 I saved with gas being cheaper just went to buy some guy more beer or some crack.

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