Monday, September 11, 2006

Blue Ice

Tuesday's science lab requires the use of blue ice. I taught this lesson last year and really look forward to teaching it again. If you use food coloring to make blue ice you can then put the blue ice cube in a cup of water and see what happens. As the ice melts the blue water sinks to the bottom of the cup of clear room water temperature. A whole more dense/less dense activity that I have been teaching for about 2 weeks.

Problem is while prepping the lesson at school today I could not find ice cube trays. I had them last year and for some reason they are not in my science kit. Our science lab was practically dismantled to make room for an extra regular classroom so many of the materials were distributed across the grade levels. I looked and looked and did not find the treys. So tonight I went to Big luck. I then went to grocery store luck. Then off to grocery store luck. I decided to purchase the bathroom sized solo drink cups and make my cubes with them. I went to luck. My debit card was in a pair of shorts at home.

I drove back home and finally located the shorts. They were in the dryer and the card was not in the pockets. I unloaded the dryer and stuck to the back of the dryer was my debit card. It was melted a little bit, but when I went back to the store it worked.

Bottom line is, science goes on. Do you think I should be able to comp. out the 1 1/2 hours that I spent looking for ice cube trays? AND when did ice cube trays get phased out?

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