Monday, September 25, 2006

Car Update

Still no 2nd vehicle. We did test drive a 98 Volvo GLT Turbo Sedan Friday night, but I'm not too sure if this car will be on the market because the potential sellers are looking at the new 07 Civic CRV that will be coming out this week. I would anticipate a scarce number of them being available, and knowing Honda they will probably sell over sticker until their lots fill up.

Consumer reports calls the Volvo reliable, but many people that I've read reviews from dog it for it's electrical glitches and say that when you do need a repair it is very expensive. It does have 96,000 miles and I've been told by the seller that for some reason the AC/heater fan occasionally stops for a few days before restarting. Hmmm? May be a good buy if we can get it below private party book value.

Our dilemna is whether to look for something about $2000 that we can pay cash, or find something a little nicer and borrow about $3000 from the bank.

Nicer weather is here! YEAH!

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