Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor/Memorial Days

For as long as I can remember I have misnamed the holidays of Labor and Memorial Day over 1/2 the time. Kind of like getting someone's name wrong the first time so you mess it up all along. We didn't go anywhere for the big weekend. Friday night was card night, Saturday was date night, Sunday was my wife's birthday and we went to a kid's birthday party and today it rained all day long. First time it has rained all day since before Memorial Day. It has been kind of nice.

I spent about 3 hours shopping for my wife. She prefers not to tell me what she wants and she really likes surprises. After being married for 11 years it is really hard for me to buy her things. I refuse to buy jewelry because it gets lost or broken in a short manner. I have tried my best not to buy her "guy" type gifts: sporting equipment, gift certificates, etc. After my flower flop on Friday I decided I would buy her $50 in flowers that she could plant or such. I ended up buying her a gift card to a local nursery. I also got her 6 other little to medium sized gifts and overall she seems very pleased.

We are still using one car. I need to complete our sale. The title came Friday and the buyer was supposed to come by and finish it all up, but something came up. Haven't heard from him since. He's got the car and I've got the title. Guess he could return it and I have a car that is paid off!

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