Thursday, September 07, 2006

One Car Blues

It has been a tough 2 weeks being a one car family. To start the day it means that my wife has to drop me and my daughter off at school one hour early. That translates into waking up 30 minutes earlier and no messing around. I get to school at 7am. Somehow I've managed to keep Bagel Wednesday, Cinamon Roll Thursday and Chick Fil A Friday intact. Give my wife credit for getting 3 people ready and me ONE. I do brush the kid's teeth though.

I have been stranded at school and last Friday had to borrow a vehicle to pick up our lunches since I am the Food and Beverage Specialist. After school a "resourceful" friend has taken my daughter and myself to the gym where I work out and get picked up at 5:30pm by my wife. Or on Wednesdays and today my wife picks me up after 5pm. I did get a little bit of school work completed today.

It is my team's weekend to mow at church and usually I take my lawn mower in my Jeep and go mow, either Thursday, Friday and sometimes Saturday. I am not going to mow this weekend although tonight it did successfully shove my mower into the trunk of my 2000 Dodge Neon. I mowed a yard that I had already received cash for. Cash is KING!

That said, a few people have offered to let us borrow spare vehicles. One is a 97 Jeep Wrangler that my neighbor has. I would hate for something to be stolen out of it. Maybe I could use it on weekends. A church friend offered to let us use their mid 90 model Ford truck. This might work because their home owner association gets on to them for leaving it parked in the street.

I did enjoy the auction and will probably go back in the future. We are going to take our time with NO car payments and just know that God will provide the right vehicle. Even if it is the 97 Dodge Neon, 5sp, 2dr, NO A/C car that we drove from 1998-2000. Small world, but it could happen.

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