Saturday, September 30, 2006

what time is it?

Went to sleep Friday night about midnight and fully exhausted. I awoke about 1am to make bathroom trip #1 since I drank 2 diet Pepsis between 9-11pm. I laid back down and heard a few voices and what I though was the sound of people playing pool. When someone breaks a fresh rack in pool it makes a distinct marble and marble sound. It wasn't close enough by to keep me awake so I fell back asleep. Then at about 5:30am I awoke for bathroom trip #2 and heard the pool balls clanging again. It is still dark at this time so I figured I could look out my back door and see if I could locate the billiards game. I could see a house in a small cul de sac nearby that had 2 guys shooting pool in the garage with both doors open. This gargage was converted into a bar-like pool hall. It was painted red and I could see some decor that suggested that it was more of a party place than a car or storage place.

I can only imagine the people in the cul de sac who could hear and better see what was going on. It has been nice enough to sleep with windows open so I am sure someone else was kept awake by the game. My mischevious mind thought I could go about 9am with my daughter and take her fund raising information, ring the door bell, and wake them up.

I know of at least 3 houses that have pool tables in garages in my small neighborhood. In Missouri we put them in basements. I guess a garage would make for easier unloading and setting up.

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