Wednesday, September 27, 2006

High Anxiety

I have been experiencing a level of high anxiety today. The following are partial reasons that I am experiencing anxiety:

1. Frustration with students in general not listening to directions.
2. Still one car and my mind is racing on who I'm riding with and when.
3. I need a sub for Wednesday and it took me 2 hours to prepare after school.
4. I need to mow for about 3 people AND I have one car and a broken mower.
5. I'm out Wednesday, but I still need to get bagels to school.
6. Exciting H.S. volleyball game tonight. We won in 5, needing overtime.
7. While announcing I ran out of battery power for the mic.
8. Before running out of power I said the wrong name for OUR team, first time ever.
9. I felt like I needed to verbally unload when I got home and my wife was on the phone for an hour. Usually she wants to spill verbage.
10. I lost a student and got a new one today.
11. I'm tired.

Hope I can sleep.

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