Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm NOT Taking It

You know those times when someone tries to give you money for something and you refuse to take it. It can be an awkward moment. It happened to me tonight as I showed up to mow for a friend from church who was recovering from stitches so he couldn't mow. He had emailed me yesterday and I originally was going to mow last night, but got talked into going to the auto auction so I postponed mowing since my friend said as long as it was done by Saturday.

I showed up right at 6pm expecting him to be on his date with his wife, but he was getting his equipment out so we chatted a little bit. I started the mower and started cutting grass when my friend starts to hand me a $20. I simply said I wasn't taking it and he insisted that I take it. The conversation went something like this:

Friend: Here take this.
Me: I'm not taking that.
Friend: Here, put it in your pocket.
Me: I don't have pockets.
Friend: I'm leaving it here on the table.
Me: It might blow away.
Friend: If you don't take it I will mail it to you.

So what ultimately happened? He left the $20 on the table and I almost forgot about it. I went ahead and took it knowing it would easily cover my Chick Fil A order in the morning.

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