Friday, September 15, 2006

Water Facts

At the request of Mommyprof I will share some of the interesting(at least to me) facts about water. I have taught a 4 week unit on water and it's properties to my students, 4 times a day. I teach that you could go 2-3 minutes without air, 2-3 days without water, and 2-3 weeks without food. The following are some facts about water:

Water covers 70% of the earth's surface.
Fresh water makes up only 3% of all water.
97% of our fresh water is frozen, most at the poles.
Cold water sinks, hot water rises.
Water is the only element that can naturally
change between it's 3 states: gas, solid, liquid.
Water is the only element where it's solid floats
in it's liquid.
The molecules of water consense(get closer) as
it gets colder and at 4 Celsius, 29 F it EXPANDS.
(that's why ice floats in water)-GOLD cubes
would sink in liquid gold.
The 4 things that help water evaporate are:
heat, wind, surface area, amount of humidity.
Our bodies are 70% water.

We watched a video that said the amount of water on earth never changes so while we are experiencing a drought, somewhere else must be receiving more than their share of rain. If this fact is true and humans are 70% water, then isn't more and more of our available water being used to sustain human bodies? Maybe that is why we are in a drought period.

Drink up! Take showers to conserve water too!

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