Friday, March 02, 2007

Yard Sale

Saturday I am hosting a yard sale along with a few neighbors who will pack their driveways with un-needed junk. Last night I spent about an hour putting together the crib that both our kids were kept in. Also our bigger ticket items will be a freshly painted bookshelf, a 2 seat jogging stroller, a small 3 drawer dresser, a mirror and a few picture frames. We also have a few toys to sell and lots of clothes that are still on hangers from our last yard sale. Any clothes that are not sold will be passed on to friends or taken to the Goodwill because I am not hauling 4 tubs of clothing back up into the attic for next year's sale.

All proceeds will go towards the purchase of 2 new bibles that will replace the ones we had stolen a few weeks ago. That reminds me, I better go get my gym bag out of the truck or I'll need to buy tennis shoes and an MP3 player.

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