Saturday, March 24, 2007

Comfort Zone

As we wind down the school year I am thinking about next year already. Do I stay put and keep myself in a situation where I already know my expectations and curriculum, or do I venture out and possibly find a better situation? I have already put myself in position for having "options" for next year and probably have about 30 days of reflection and exploration. The following are the positives of the options:

1. Stay put. I really do like the grade level that I teach and it would be my 3rd year teaching the same subject areas so my confidence and familiarity would be beneficial. I do have many relationships established and the benefits would definitely outweigh the negatives.

2. Transfer. They are building a new school near ours and if I could teach at this school I think it would be exciting to open up a new building. Plus, many of the students at this school I would already know. I'd just need to teach the same subjects and grade level.

3. Teach in wife's district. It would be nice to have the whole family under the same schedule. Not sure if I'd be able to teach on the same campus as my wife, but she really loves where she is.

When we moved to Texas the first time we for sure got out of our comfort zone. I had only lived in the St. Louis area so leaving family and familiarity behind was tough, but beneficial. Recently my wife and I left our home church of 4 1/2 years after struggling with whether or not to find a new church home and we are LOVING our new digs. We are excited spiritually and emotionally and count it a blessing that we just spent 6 hours today at church getting it ready for our dedication Sunday. That said, I am not one to just stay put and do what is familiar and easy. Within 30 days my future should be more clear.

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